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What We Do

In recent years, growth in global loyalty memberships has declined significantly. The market seems stagnated, highlighting the need and importance of  implementing innovative and technologically advanced user friendly engagement approaches to the market. 


Current data indicate, lack of flexibility and liquidity  are key reasons for the contraction of active membership growth in the loyalty market. MyntCoinz is committed to building an infrastructure that helps  businesses overcome these pain points.

MyntCoinz  is a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform for loyalty rewards, with a digital token that would replace, consolidate and streamline existing loyalty programs into a single digital UNIVERSAL token ecosystem.

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What We Do

How to Earn MyntCoinz

MyntCoinz designs, manages and operates a blockchain ecosystem that facilitates the issuance, redemption, transfer and trade of digital loyalty tokens as a subscription based multi-tiered service for merchants and brands.


Merchants or brands will be able to choose to issue  Premium tokens -branded tokens with traditional reward features  and/or Value tokens -unbranded cash-back proxy tokens. Each token offers higher customer engagement, real time customer insights, innovative management of loyalty program liabilities on their balance sheet and customization to suit specific needs and budgets.

Tokens are issued at point of sale, and transferred from the backend to consumers’ digital wallets instantly. The digital wallet provides a graphical user interface where users can easily navigate and find their current token balance, market value, transaction history and other transaction functionalities including redemption, transfer and trade. Users also have access to special promotions that are only available in the MyntCoinz platform.

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Both Premium and Value tokens are fully backed by the same underlying asset- MyntCoinz tokens. This will allow merchants to offer customers loyalty rewards with unparalleled flexibility and liquidity, with a universal token that has an intrinsic value in the market.

How it Works
How to Earn MyntCoinz
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How Tokens Are Utilized

Primary Market

Secondary Market

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MyntCoinz Ecosystem 

Our token supply and circulation occurs in two distinct markets -Primary and Secondary .The function of the tokens in the primary market act is utility, whereas for the tokens in the secondary market, it is trade. 

Primary Market

The primary market functions as the site of three key activities for Premium and Value tokens- collection/issuance, redemption and transfer. 

Secondary Market

Users can buy, sell or transfer MyntCoinz tokens via crypto exchanges in the trading chain - the Secondary Market. 

If users want to sell their Premium or Value tokens, they can do so by converting them into MyntCoinz.

MyntCoinz Supply & Circulation

Premium Tokens

Premium tokens are issued under issuing merchant’s' chosen brand name. And they are suitable for merchants who want exclusive control of branding power of tokens, whilst still issuing traditional loyalty rewards.


  • Carry merchants’ brand names

  • Carry merchants’ selected reward features

  • Are fully backed by MyntCoinz

  • Are issued at POS and available for immediate use

  • Have an intrinsic value due to specific reward features

  • Can be redeemed (from the original merchant), transferred or sold

Types of MyntCoinz

MynCoinz Theme V5.png

Value Tokens

Value token has a minimum value guaranteed by merchants, and is well suited to merchants who prefer offering direct monetization rewards  to their consumers. The popularity and demand for direct monetization rewards are significantly high in the market, and it is growing.


  • Carry neither brand names nor traditional rewards features

  • Are a proxy for cash-back rewards

  • Are fully backed by MyntCoinz

  • Are issued at POS and available for immediate use

  • Have an intrinsic value -and their value is preserved via a tracking account mechanism

  • Can be redeemed (from any merchant), transferred, or sold

Types of MyntCoinz

Customer Advantages

  • Collect different loyalty rewards to a single wallet

  • Tokens have an intrinsic value and a market price 

  • High liquidity: no restrictions for token monetization

  • Flexibility: Earn, redeem, transfer and trade tokens

  • Purchase products or services using tokens

  • Use tokens as a financial asset

  • Access exclusive promotions and discounts

  • Prevent theft or fraud

Merchant Advantages

  • Reduce or eliminate loyalty liabilities

  • High customer retention

  • Sale of loyalties to partners, customers

  • Access a wide range of customers

  • Control the branding, or offer popular cash-back proxy

  • Make profits when accepting tokens as a payment method

  • Access consumer behaviors and trends real time

  • Reduce operational burdensome of in-house data management

  • Counterfeit protection service for luxury goods

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Value Proposition
Stakeholder Advantages

Competitive Advantage

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.37.19


MyntCoinz is the first ever blockchain-based loyalty token that has both market price due to a secondary market component, and intrinsic value due to loyalty features awarded by merchants.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.37.04


MyntCoinz network presents a cross section of consumers’ purchasing behaviors and patterns at T+0, at any given time.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.36.47


Blockchain Dapps are not only inherently tougher to hack, but also provide security via multi-factor authentication.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.36.29


Due to high flexibility and liquidity of MyntCoinz, the number of token users are expected to grow organically over time. The more the users adopt the network, the more powerful and valuable the tokens will become.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 10.36.12


The technology will allow instantaneous and secure creation, redemption, and exchange of loyalty tokens across programs, merchants, and industries through a trustfree environment using cryptographic proofs.


The costs of maintaining a loyalty program are significantly reduced due to efficiencies from integration of multiple loyalty schemes, combined with the relatively low cost of maintaining a Blockchain platform.

Competitive Advantage

Strategic Technology Partner


We have brought in 0Chain as our exclusive blockchain technology partner for the pilot project. They will be performing all R&D activities during the pilot stage, under the supervision of our in-house blockchain team.


0chain is one of the world’s fastest, flexible decentralized cloud for DAPPs. 0chain provides enterprises the ability to customize and create their own fully featured blockchain. Their dCloud ™ unlocks new ways to transact, compute and store data via blockchain.

Meet the Team

Meet The Core Contributors


Manju Nishshanka

CEO and Founder

Entrepreneurial and driven leader, with 12+ years of experience in Investment Banking, Finance, Corporate Strategy, Fintech, Blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

Past - Bank of AmericaMerrill Lynch

Founded: KRMG Capital

TRIUM Executive MBA, MSc in Finance -CASS Business School- London, UK, BSc in Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Member of Board of Directors-NYU Blockchain

Dual Citizenship holder -USA, UK


Anjana Jayaweera

Project Lead

Seasoned multi-platform Software Engineer with an extended experience in DAPPs and smart contract development, UI/UX design, web application development and SEO/SEM with the newest Industry adoptions and best practices.

Past - Electrify Pte Ltd, Enadoc, Lexro Solutions

MSc in Big Data Analytics -Robert Gordon University, UK, MSc in Project management, Keele University, UK


Iris Xu

Head of Bus Dev & Investor Relations - China

Iris is a member of Communist Party of China and a former member of German Chamber of Commerce China. She is a blockchain enthusiast and a partner at R Club (亿荟) , and runs investors community and meetup as well for Chinese traditional VC/PE and Blockchain token funds and Blockchain startups.

Past - Bis Dev, PR & Marketing at Huawei

MSc in HR and Business Administration -Technische Universität Dresden, Germany.

Blockchain Advisor-China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions


Ranil L.A.

Systems Architect

Certified enterprise architect with 10+ years of experience in designing and developing enterprise software applications for medium and large-scale businesses.

- Most recently served as the Chief Architect of ezyCollect Pte Ltd based in Sydney which provide cloud-based payment receivable automation platform for Australian businesses.

BSc in Computer Science Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Current Residence - Sydney, Australia


News & Media

Importance of MyntCoinz for Mass Adoption of Crypto Space  - 4.26.19

0Chain CEO, Saswata Basu talks about MyntCoinz Partnership - 01.25.19

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The crypto winter seems to be far from over. Almost every cryptos have been facing an uphill battle, struggling to maintain sustainable and stable price markers ....

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